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Why Disruption?

Disruption: The disturbance of an activity or a process.

Companies that don’t disrupt are no longer here. It’s time to accept disruption and break the status quo.


Consumer Testimony

What is a typical design sprint like with the MOFI?

MOFI – Michael Harper

At MOFI, we ARE disruptors. Hear our commitments straight from Michael Harper, our Chief of Radical Experiences.

The Power of Yes Videos

What can the Power of Yes in innovation do for you as a business and as an empathetic person?


Get to know the personalities behind the disruption.

The Power of Yes In Innovation

Meet the members of our Advisory Board.

Consumers First

Get to know the personalities behind the disruption.

Running In Innovation

Embracing Innovation

Consumer Mapping

How Do You Hire In Innovation

How Do You Get Started in Innovation?

Other Videos

We make a difference in as many places as possible...see the videos below for more disruption from The Nason Group.

CES – Digital Health Summit 2017

NGPX 2017

As a game-changing disruptor, I hereby pledge to:


• Channel my passion into action
• Harness the power of empathy
• Go “all in” and put the consumer first
• Build a league of heroes who will change the system
• Work fast and cheap, fail regularly, and never accept the status quo
• Never be OK with mild salsa