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In August, astronauts safely splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, completing NASA’s first successful mission in partnership with a commercial space flight company, Elon Musk’s SpaceX. It was a bright spot for all of us worried about what shoe might drop next in this year of disasters. And it offered a lesson in a long-overdue shift toward a

When it comes to diversity in the workplace, the real work is only beginning, and the only way forward is together. To do so, we need to consider an area where the workforce is already diverse: age. Virtually every workplace includes people from multiple generations, but the generational mix is changing—and quickly. Within a decade, Millennials and Generation Zers

U.S. companies spend $8 billion a year on diversity and inclusion initiatives--with squat to show for it. Consider the equivalent spending for a U.S. company’s R&D budget: Eight billion dollars puts you in the top 20 of all corporate innovation spending. That’s equal to Ford’s annual budget, and more than Pfizer, Facebook, General Motors, and Honda. Can you imagine

As a game-changing disruptor, I hereby pledge to:


• Channel my passion into action
• Harness the power of empathy
• Go “all in” and put the consumer first
• Build a league of heroes who will change the system
• Work fast and cheap, fail regularly, and never accept the status quo
• Never be OK with mild salsa