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OOOPS – March Madness Insanity

We are so sorry for the confusion but it seems as if we have brackets set up on both ESPN and CBS–we need to get out team together in order to win (see how I did that)?


This is the correct link at CBS where we have our official “NO-MILD SALSA- NASON GROUP” Team.


If you have your bracket set up on ESPN, please go to the link below to set up your bracket with us.

You have until Noon ET on Thursday–so don’t wait.  We want to play with you.


Again, we apologize for the “madness.”

As a game-changing disruptor, I hereby pledge to:


• Channel my passion into action
• Harness the power of empathy
• Go “all in” and put the consumer first
• Build a league of heroes who will change the system
• Work fast and cheap, fail regularly, and never accept the status quo
• Never be OK with mild salsa