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“You Can’t Capture Everything In A Wearable!” – Video Blog

What I Was Doing…

Earlier this week I wrote on my experience at #CES2017 and asked the question; Where Has To Consumer Gone? Here is a brief 3 minute video with Dr. Erik Eiting where we discuss the need for High Touch & High Tech and a focus on Human-Centered Innovation.

What I Learned…

What are you doing today to engage your consumer? Are you listening to their story? Do you know them? Dr. Erik shared in the video how as a provider it’s not always about the wearable. Sometimes we just need to KNOW THEM!

What I Will Do…

I have said it a million times, and I will say it again. It is very simple! Know Your Consumer, Surprise Them, and Make It Easy!

As a game-changing disruptor, I hereby pledge to:


• Channel my passion into action
• Harness the power of empathy
• Go “all in” and put the consumer first
• Build a league of heroes who will change the system
• Work fast and cheap, fail regularly, and never accept the status quo
• Never be OK with mild salsa