in falling in love with the problem, not the solution.

in three foundational design principles: know me, surprise me, and make it easy for me.

that no one shows up for the party because of the mild salsa.

that you can either disrupt or be disrupted. (And, we choose to disrupt.)

that the voices, stories, and lives of consumers lead to game-changing ideas.

Meet The Disruptors


percent of consumers are unsatisfied with their health care experience, and the less they interact with the system, the happier they are.


percent of all other healthcare consumers are frustrated.


percent of providers think they are providing great service.


percent of consumers think providers are under delivering.

Shawn Nason is one of the most versatile and can-do executives with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. He’s inspiring, focused, and funny all at the same time. He’s got a very high likeability factor to go with a tenacious work ethic. Shawn’s got a unique gift in that he knows what needs to be done, he gets after it, and he makes the work fun.

Chris Hessler CEO, Linkwell Health

Shawn connects – and through connection, makes good things happen. He has a breadth of skills and experiences – enabling him to work successfully with ambiguity and in a diversity of situations. He has a reputation as being innovative, strategic, and a developer of people. Shawn brings a level of energy that seems boundless – particularly when conducting week-long, long-day innovation workshops! Shawn is a culture-builder; and an asset to any organization or team that allows him to bring his unique brand and style to the opportunities presented him.

Erik Eaker Enterprise Director, Humana

You know when you meet that person in your career that just gets it? The person who pushes you to go beyond what is possible and challenges you to think differently? The one who’s not afraid to call B.S. on you and keeps you guessing about the next month’s hair color? That person is Shawn Nason. Fearless. Strategic. Provocative. He’s the guy who’s the thought partner you didn’t know that you needed, the person who does whatever needs to be done, and he’s also your spirit animal.

Robin Glasco Chief Innovation Officer, BCBS Mass

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As a game-changing disruptor, I hereby pledge to:


• Channel my passion into action
• Harness the power of empathy
• Go “all in” and put the consumer first
• Build a league of heroes who will change the system
• Work fast and cheap, fail regularly, and never accept the status quo
• Never be OK with mild salsa